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We are an Indonesien family living in Bukit Lawang, in the Gunung Leuser National Park (North Sumatra). We offer beautiful accommodation in front of the river, trekking in the jungle and different tours to visit the region. In our restaurant, you will be able to discover typical Indonesian dishes and take cooking classes. Finally, we will be happy to present you the "KOLIBRI HOUSE": the creative Center for disadvantaged children, that we built with the French-indonesian association KOLIBRI. 

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Our agency supports KOLIBRI association by donating 3% of its profits.

Kolibri is an non-profit organisation which helps disadvantaged children in Indonesia. 


We are located in Yusri Cafe, a restaurant which offers typical indonesian dishes, such as chicken with curry and ananas, indonesian green vegetables, fried fish, gado-gado, semur or rendang. We also serve vegetarian food, like tofu and tempe.

Rita and Yusuf will be happy to welcome you and to anwer to your questions. On request, the restaurant can organize buffets for groups, with a show of traditional dances, made by the children of Jungle Dance Club. 

Contact us :
WhatsApp : +62 852 972 437 19

Our agency supports KOLIBRI association by donating 3% of its profits.  More informations: - +62 852 972 437 19

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